Chrism Masses 2023

Bishop Paul has announced the dates for this year’s Chrism Masses (above). This Wednesday (22nd February 2023) will be Ash Wednesday, and will mark the beginning of Lent. The service at St. Edmund’s will be at the usual time (12:15 PM).

Novena of Prayer for The Bishop-Designate of Oswestry

A Christmas Greeting from the Bishop-Designate of Oswestry: Fr Paul Thomas SSC

Fr Paul’s consecration will be on the Feast of Candlemas in Canterbury Cathedral – Thursday 2 February 2023. A time for the consecration service has yet to be announced. A novena of prayer is available below for all those who want to link themselves through prayer to the consecration and to Fr Paul’s episcopal ministry within the Church. The novena will run from Wednesday 25 January – the Feast of the Conversion of St Paul the Apostle – to Thursday 2 February – the Feast of Candlemas.