Christmas 2017

Apologies for the delay in posting a couple of pictures showing the church over Christmas – these were actually taken on 4th January, just before the Christmas tree and other decorations were taken down. The nativity scene was also just about to be changed.

Blip-41   Nativity scene

Web site updates

The web site has been updated to include the relevant information for January 2018. A happy New Year to everyone.

Apologies for not updating the web site during December – I have had a rather stressful time working many hours on a project for someone. Unfortunately it still isn’t finished.



Phil Griffiths braved the conditions this morning, 10th December, and captured this great picture! I had a camera, tripod, warm clothes, suitable walking shoes etc ready to go, but (wisely) decided that it was beyond me now!


St Edmund’s Day

Sorry for the late reminder, but Monday 20th November is St Edmund’s Day, and we will of course be celebrating it with a service at the church, at 7pm. The celebrant will be Rev Dr Tom Atfield, and the preacher will be Fr Michael Bartlett SSC of St Peter’s Church, Crabbs Cross.