Mothers’ Union

It is with great sadness that we write of the loss of Ann Brierley, one of our most faithful members. She rejuvenated St Edmund’s MU branch and acted as our Branch Leader for several years. Ann was a continued source of help and encouragement after I took over from her. I always felt it was an honour to have a past Diocesan President in our branch.
She will be so much missed.

This has been year like no other: no meetings after March – the last two being at the home of Ann Brierley who welcomed us as she was unable to get out due to her health.

As we look to the future we will have to consider how we proceed; to continue with the five remaining members, or perhaps join with another branch.

Meanwhile, I wish you all a Happy Christmas however we are able to celebrate it this year, and hope that 2021 will be better.