Inside the church

To see a larger version of any of the ‘thumbnails’ below, just click on the picture, then to get back to the ‘gallery/thumbnail view’, click on the ‘X’ in the top corner of the enlarged picture, or click the other arrow symbols to see another picture in enlarged form.

Stained glass

Stations of the Cross

St Edmund’s at Easter

St Edmund’s at Christmas

Floral displays and the team of arrangers


Another view of the inside of the church is available at the link below. This will appear in a new tab in your browser. Please return to the tab for this site when you have viewed the video, and/or close the YouTube tab in which the video is displayed.

For an ‘alternative’ and interactive view of the inside of the church, please use the link below: you should see an animated view to start with, but you can also move your mouse around over the image to get the full 360 degree experience! You will need to use the ‘back’ button in your web browser to return to this site after viewing this 360 degree version.

Inside St Edmund’s Church, Dudley – 360 degree view

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