Holy Days



6th, St Nicholas

13th, St Lucy

25th, Christmas day

26th, St Stephen the first martyr

27th, St John Apostle and Evangelist

28th, Holy Innocents

29th, St Thomas Beckett


1st, All Saints

2nd, All Souls

16th, St Margaret of Scotland

18th, Hilda, Abbess of Whitby

20th, St Edmunds King & Martyr

22nd, St Cecilia

30th, St Andrew


4th, St Francis of Assisi

13th, St Edward the Confessor

18th, St Luke

26th, St Chad & St Cedd

28th, St Simon & St Jude


3rd, St Gregory the Great

17th, Hildegard, Abbess of Bingen

21st, St Matthew

24th, Our Lady of Walsingham

27th, St Vincent de Paul

29th, St Michael and All Angels


6th, The Transfiguration of Christ

15th, The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

20th, St Bernard

24th, St Bartholomew

28th, St Augustine

29th, Beheading of St John the Baptist


3rd, St Thomas the Apostle

11th, St Benedict

15th, St Swithin

25th, St James the Apostle

26th, SS Joachim and Anne


3rd, Corpus Christi

9th, St St Columba Abbot of Iona

11th, St Barnabas Apostle

16th, St Richard of Chichester

22nd, St Alban

24th, Birth of  John the Baptist

29th, SS Peter & Paul


3rd, St Philip & St James (Apostles)

10th, Ascension Day

14th, St Matthias

19th, St Dunstan

26th, St Augustine

31st, The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Elizabeth


1st April, Easter Day

23rd, St George

25th, St Mark


1st, St David

11th, Mothering Sunday

17th, St Patrick

19th, St Joseph

29th, Maundy Thursday

30th, Good Friday


2nd Candlemas Day (presentation of Christ in the temple)

3rd St Agatha

5th  St Blaise

13th Shrove Tuesday

14th Ash Wednesday


6th Epiphany

19th Wulfstan Bishop of Worcester (Died 1095)

25th The Conversion of St Paul

26th SS Timothy and Titus