Updates to the provisional web site

We have posted some more material on the provisional web site, though there is still a lot more work to do, and what is there now should really be regarded as more as ‘place holders’ than anything else; we still need to post a lot more content, both text and photographs: many of the photographs we are using at present were shot years ago, so in many cases are out of date and/or really not suited to their current web-page use!

We have now got a slightly easier/shorter/more obvious web address – http://www.stedmundsdudley.org.uk

In fact we also have, at least for the present, an even shorter version which omits the ‘.org’ part of that address.

We hope that you find our web site useful. If you have any suggestions regarding the format and content of the web site, do please let us know, either via the webmaster at the address below, or by speaking to the team at the church. The on-line contact for the webmaster is


Replace the AT with the ‘at’ symbol (@) in your email – we do this to possibly reduce the amount of spam and other antisocial email we may receive!!