All Hallow’s Evening (31st October 2020)

Sunday (1 November) will mark the great Christian feast of All Saints, which is widely recognised as an important day in the Church’s calendar across its different denominations. To mark the feast, The Church Union and The Society, which is supported by Forward in Faith, are releasing a short devotional video in which The Bishop of Fulham explores the themes of the feast.

As of 0001 this morning, Dudley went into Covid-19 Tier 2. What you can and can’t do in Tier 2 can be found here: However, church services at St. Edmund’s will not be affected, and the service times for this week remain the same:

1100 Sunday – Mass (All Saints Day & All Souls Day)

1215 Wednesday – Mass

If someone you know has died over the past year, and you want us to pray for them, then please attend church tomorrow and put their names on the list at the back of church. It is okay to come to church and pray for them privately also.

If you are still unable to come to church, the Benefice Zoom service is still available at 11 AM. Alternatively, you can watch the official Church of England Service at 9 AM here:

As we approach November, we are delighted to publish the next installment Saints of the Month resource, published with The Society.
You can download it here:…/Saints_of_the_Month…

Some Advance Notices

Next Sunday, 1st November 2020, will be All Saints Day and All Souls Day. If you want us to pray for someone you know who has died recently, please add their name to the list at the back of the church.

The Sunday after, 8th November 2020, is Remembrance Sunday. The service will start a little earlier at 10:50 AM so we can observe the two minutes silence. St. Edmund’s can officially sell poppies, and they are on sale at the back of church.

And a big thank you to everyone to donated food to the Black Country Food Bank at the Harvest Festival. We donated 61.5 kg of food.

Sunday 25th October 2020 (Last Sunday after Trinity or Bible Sunday)

Please remember to put your clock back an hour on Sunday morning. British Summer Time will end at 2 AM, and we shall then be back to Greenwich Mean Time.

Services this week will remain at the usual times:

11 AM Sunday – Mass

12:15 PM Wednesday – Mass

Please remember that Fr Ecclestone, Ebbsfleet Healthy Churches Minister, will be with us on Wednesday 28th October 2020. Rev Hugh Burton will also be with us to welcome the new church wardens, so please make every effort to attend this Wednesday.

For anyone who cannot attend church at this present time, the Dudley Benefice Zoom service still takes place at 11 AM every Sunday. This service can also be accessed via YouTube:


Back in March, the Bishop of Fulham created a short video about the Rosary. 7th October was the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, and Bishop Jonathan re-released the video. You can watch the video here:

Download the free Rosary prayer guide:

Just a reminder of this weeks services:

Sunday: 11 AM – Mass (Harvest Festival)

Wednesday 1215 PM – Mass

There has been some disruption with the Benefice Zoom Service, please contact Rev Hugh Burton if you want to be admitted into this service.

The official Church of England service is on Sundays at 9 AM via YouTube:

Download the Order of Service in PDF

October 2020

Bishop of Ebbsfleet’s Pastoral Letter

Please read the Bishop of Ebbsfleet’s Pastoral Letter for October here:

Ebbsfleet Healthy Churches Mentor

The Revd  Canon Gary Ecclestone SSC, Ebbsfleet Healthy Churches Mentor, will be attending the 1215 Mass on Wednesday 28th October 2020.  This will give him the chance to meet our congregation (Covid-19 rules applying), and help us think about our mission.  Please attend this service if you can.

Bishop Philip North

Bishop Philip North has made an excellent Covid-19 video.  Please watch it here:

Services for October

Services are at the usual times:

  • 11 AM Every Sunday: Mass
  • 12:15 PM Every Wednesday: Mass

If you are still isolating at home, the Benefice Zoom Service is still running at 11 AM every Sunday.  To access this service, please contact Rev. Hugh Burton (  The Church of England still runs a service via YouTube at 9AM every Sunday.  You can watch the service here: