Jon has passed on this news:

‘Congratulations to Rhys and Nina on the birth of a baby girl, Erin at 11.30pm on Tuesday 5th May.

Nina and Erin are fine – and so is Rhys!’

Sunday 3rd May 2020 (Vocations Sunday)

This Sunday is Vocations Sunday.  Please pray for everyone who is currently exploring a vocation, or who feels that they may have a calling into ministry.  Please pray this prayer from the Additional Curates Society website:

Everyone has a vocation.  You can explore yours here:

For any Catholic men, who feel they may have a vocation to ordained ministry, please visit this website:

Worship Resources that do not require a Computer

This telephone line is open 24 hours per day for music, prayer, and reflections, as well as full services.

The following services can be access this Sunday:

8:10 AM – Sunday Worship (Bishop of Salisbury): BBC Radio 4

10:45 AM – Sunday Worship (Very Rev Kathy Jones): BBC 1

1:15 PM – Songs of Praise (Rev Kate Bottley): BBC 1

3:00 PM – Choral Evensong (Chapel of St. John’s College, Cambridge): BBC Radio 3

Worship Resources requiring a Computer

10:30 AM – Sung Mass (with Spiritual Communion (Fr Iain Templeton)): Live on Facebook (

11:30 AM – Sung Mass (with Spiritual Communion (Bishop of Fulham)): Live on Facebook (

5:00 PM – Rosary (Fr Iain Templeton): Live on Facebook

6:00 PM – Shrine Prayers: Live via the Shrine website:

Every Friday

12:00 PM – Do not forget to join in with the Bishop of Fulham to pray the Rosary through May: #PrayTheRosary

In Remembrance May 2020

Due to Covid 19, and no printed version,  Jon has again provided a complete version of the monthly”In Remembrance” list, which we are providing here:

1st Alice W
3rd Lucy W;  Elsie B;  Phyllis C
7th Pauline Mary W
11th Simon M;  Lucy W
15th Wilfred P;  Irene Gertrude H
16th Hilda Monica D
18th Thomas C-J (Priest);   Ida D
19th Marion Gertrude M;  Dorothy D
21st Peter Joseph S
23rd Esme W;  Richard Stephen B
24th Mabel Ethel S;  Ida A
25th Maureen Ann R
27th Mary Ann T
28th Donald B
30th Mary C
31st Ernest Albert A;  Frank C;  Pauline J.

Hear us as we remember those who have died in the faith of Christ.
According to your promises, grant us, with them a share in your eternal kingdom.
Rest eternal grant unto them O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon them.


Each Friday in May at 12pm you are invited to join in and #PrayTheRosary.

Pope Francis is encouraging households to join together in praying the Rosary throughout May, and we are encouraging families to do the same. Join Bishop Jonathan this coming Friday as we enter into Mary’s month of May, a month where we can join with her in celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This livestream is especially helpful for those unfamiliar with this ancient prayer as well as being a helpful aid for those who pray it regularly already.

Each Friday in May at 12pm you are invited to join in with praying the holy rosary via Facebook Livestream

Please read the How to Pray The Rosary Booklet and download the Printer-friendly Rosary guide

Sunday 26th April 2020 (Easter 3)

Stations of the Resurrection

As we continue to worship and pray at home, The Society and The Church Union have published Stations of the Resurrection.  In this devotion we follow Jesus and the disciples from Easter morning through to Pentecost. They follow the same pattern as the Stations of the Cross, with a scripture reading, meditation and a prayer. Through these scenes we share in the disciples’ doubts, their misunderstandings, their fears, but most of all their joy in the Risen Jesus. It is the Resurrection of Jesus that, in these very strange times, is our strength and hope.  You can download the resource here:

Non-Computer Worship Resources:

8:10 AM – Sunday Worship (Prof Jennifer Strawbridge & Rev Dr Steve Nolan): BBC Radio 4

11 AM – Sunday Worship (Bishop of Dover): BBC 1

1:15 PM – Songs of Praise (Sean Fletcher): BBC 1

3PM – Choral Evensong (Chapel of Royal Holloway, University of London): BBC Radio 3

Computer Worship Resources (with Spiritual Communion):

10:30 AM – Sung Mass (Fr Ian Templeton): Live on Facebook (

6PM (Daily) – Shrine Prayers: