Holy Week 2016



On Palm Sunday we processed around the church carrying Palm Crosses and singing “Ride on, ride on in Majesty”.

The Wednesday lunch time Mass at 12.15pm was celebrated by the Rev. Dr Tom Atfield, who reflected on how we as Christians individually handle our own versions of Discipleship.

Thursday morning was back to everyday ‘business’ as usual, with the church open in the morning to congregation and visitors alike – for a chat, a cup of coffee, quiet prayer, and then to the Brambles for an excellent lunch.

_1010026Good Friday was a lovely spring day, and on the morning Stations of the Cross were led by Server Jon Harcourt, followed then as tradition dictates, by hot cross buns and coffee (note: why hot cross buns? because they are always cold).

Friday evening we gathered in church for “The Passion of Christ” readings by members of the congregation, when we re-enact the Good Friday story, leading to when Jesus says “It is finished”.
The bare wooden cross was carried high from the back of church with the phrases ringing our “behold the wood of the cross” echoed by the response “on which hung the Saviour of the world”.
The cross was placed on a table in the Sanctuary, and everyone was invited to venerate in a way which was comfortable for them.
After veneration, we were all invited to partake of the Body of Christ, which had been previously Sanctified prior to Good Friday, and all who stood in good stead with their own church received the Sacrament.

Holy Saturday morning is usually when the Easter flowers are arranged in church, followed by a ‘big-clean’, and this one was no different. Flowers, greenery and duster flicking were much in evidence, thanks to the efforts of our sterling congregation.
The Easter Eve Vigil service began almost in darkness, and as we gathered in the church porch, Fr John Oakes lit the Holy Fire and thus began the Holy Saturday Liturgy.
The Paschal Candle was duly blessed, and the incense grains to represent the five marks of Christ driven into the wax. Congregation lit their candles from the Candle, and we processed to our places by candle-light. Fr John sang the Exultet (Easter Proclamation), which is the traditional song of praise near the Paschal Candle. From thence we processed to the font, where our baptismal vows were renewed, and then sprinkled with holy water before moving back to our pews. The church lights were turned on, and the high altar candles were lit to the triumphant strains of the Gloria and the ringing of bells.
The liturgy and ceremonials of Holy Saturday reflect the true glory of the catholic traditions, and the reverence afforded following the crucifixion and leading to the Resurrection.
Alleluia! Christ is Risen!
He is Risen indeed! Alleluia!


Preparing the Church for Easter Sunday

The photo shows some of the team who spent Saturday morning cleaning and decorating the church in preparation for Easter Sunday. Apologies for not including everyone in the picture, but some weren’t there when the photo was taken.

We’ll post some more photos of the floral decorations after Sunday’s service.



Time marches on


We are sure that you are all looking forward to British Summer Time when on Sunday, 27 March 2016,at 01:00:00, clocks will be turned forward 1 hour. With the exception unfortunately of that in our church tower.

The church has a clock with 3 faces. Electrically operated, this serves as a public amenity for all, whether in the market place or the bus station or from Castle Hill/Broadway.
We pay for an annual service of approx. £259, but this does not cover any faults or call outs.
Within the last two weeks it has ceased to operate, and on calling the engineers, it appears that the electrical movement has finally given up.
The cost to repair is £1,154 plus VAT.
There are only 3 public face clocks in the town – one on the castle end of the market (and not very easy to spot): one on Top Church: and the one at St Edmunds (Bottom Church).
We have approached DMBC with a request for funding and we will advise you of their response in due course. In the meanwhile any donations will be gratefully received….

Easter 2016

The dates and times for the services over Easter are as follows:

Good Friday (25th March)

Stations of the Cross: 10:00am
Ecumenical Act of Witness in Churchill Precinct: 11:00am
The Passion of Christ: 7:00pm

Holy Saturday (26th March)

Easter Vigil: 7:00pm

Easter Day (27th March)

Sung Mass: 11:00am

Please remember that the clocks go forward by one hour on 27th March – Easter Day – though not the church clock at present!!

You can see some of the pictures of the Stations of the Cross and previous Easter events at St Edmund’s on our “Inside the Church” web page HERE.

Updates to the provisional web site

We have posted some more material on the provisional web site, though there is still a lot more work to do, and what is there now should really be regarded as more as ‘place holders’ than anything else; we still need to post a lot more content, both text and photographs: many of the photographs we are using at present were shot years ago, so in many cases are out of date and/or really not suited to their current web-page use!

We have now got a slightly easier/shorter/more obvious web address – http://www.stedmundsdudley.org.uk

In fact we also have, at least for the present, an even shorter version which omits the ‘.org’ part of that address.

We hope that you find our web site useful. If you have any suggestions regarding the format and content of the web site, do please let us know, either via the webmaster at the address below, or by speaking to the team at the church. The on-line contact for the webmaster is


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