Sunday 3rd May 2020 (Vocations Sunday)

This Sunday is Vocations Sunday.  Please pray for everyone who is currently exploring a vocation, or who feels that they may have a calling into ministry.  Please pray this prayer from the Additional Curates Society website:

Everyone has a vocation.  You can explore yours here:

For any Catholic men, who feel they may have a vocation to ordained ministry, please visit this website:

Worship Resources that do not require a Computer

This telephone line is open 24 hours per day for music, prayer, and reflections, as well as full services.

The following services can be access this Sunday:

8:10 AM – Sunday Worship (Bishop of Salisbury): BBC Radio 4

10:45 AM – Sunday Worship (Very Rev Kathy Jones): BBC 1

1:15 PM – Songs of Praise (Rev Kate Bottley): BBC 1

3:00 PM – Choral Evensong (Chapel of St. John’s College, Cambridge): BBC Radio 3

Worship Resources requiring a Computer

10:30 AM – Sung Mass (with Spiritual Communion (Fr Iain Templeton)): Live on Facebook (

11:30 AM – Sung Mass (with Spiritual Communion (Bishop of Fulham)): Live on Facebook (

5:00 PM – Rosary (Fr Iain Templeton): Live on Facebook

6:00 PM – Shrine Prayers: Live via the Shrine website:

Every Friday

12:00 PM – Do not forget to join in with the Bishop of Fulham to pray the Rosary through May: #PrayTheRosary


Each Friday in May at 12pm you are invited to join in and #PrayTheRosary.

Pope Francis is encouraging households to join together in praying the Rosary throughout May, and we are encouraging families to do the same. Join Bishop Jonathan this coming Friday as we enter into Mary’s month of May, a month where we can join with her in celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This livestream is especially helpful for those unfamiliar with this ancient prayer as well as being a helpful aid for those who pray it regularly already.

Each Friday in May at 12pm you are invited to join in with praying the holy rosary via Facebook Livestream

Please read the How to Pray The Rosary Booklet and download the Printer-friendly Rosary guide

Sunday 26th April 2020 (Easter 3)

Stations of the Resurrection

As we continue to worship and pray at home, The Society and The Church Union have published Stations of the Resurrection.  In this devotion we follow Jesus and the disciples from Easter morning through to Pentecost. They follow the same pattern as the Stations of the Cross, with a scripture reading, meditation and a prayer. Through these scenes we share in the disciples’ doubts, their misunderstandings, their fears, but most of all their joy in the Risen Jesus. It is the Resurrection of Jesus that, in these very strange times, is our strength and hope.  You can download the resource here:

Non-Computer Worship Resources:

8:10 AM – Sunday Worship (Prof Jennifer Strawbridge & Rev Dr Steve Nolan): BBC Radio 4

11 AM – Sunday Worship (Bishop of Dover): BBC 1

1:15 PM – Songs of Praise (Sean Fletcher): BBC 1

3PM – Choral Evensong (Chapel of Royal Holloway, University of London): BBC Radio 3

Computer Worship Resources (with Spiritual Communion):

10:30 AM – Sung Mass (Fr Ian Templeton): Live on Facebook (

6PM (Daily) – Shrine Prayers:

Sunday 19th April 2020 (Low Sunday)

The coronavirus lock-down has extended for another three weeks, and our church will remain closed until further notice.  However it is important to continue a pattern of regular worship and prayer from our own homes.

For those who are not good with computers, the following services are available:

8:10 AM – Sunday Worship (Holy Trinity Platt, Manchester): BBC Radio 4 (

10:15 AM – Sunday Worship (St. David’s Cathedral): BBC 1 (

1:15 PM – Songs of Praise (Aled Jones) – BBC 1

3PM – Choral Evensong (Church of the Incarnation, Dallas, Texas): BBC Radio 3 (

For anyone who wants to watch a live Mass and receive a spiritual communion, the following service will be streamed live on Facebook:

10:30 AM – Sung Mass (Fr Iain Templeton): Facebook (

For anyone who is not comfortable using social media, the daily services from the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham (Anglican) can be accessed via the link below:

6 PM – Shrine Prayers will be live-streamed daily on the Shrine’s website, and on Vimeo and YouTube. Shrine Prayers will continue to be live-streamed on Facebook as usual. For further details see the following link:…/livestreaming-serv…/

Please remember to keep praying for all of us affected by the coronavirus.  If you need any assistance on how to pray, please visit this site:

Easter Day Services (Update)

Alleluia, The Lord is Risen. 

8 AM – Society Easter Day Video: The Society Facebook Page or

8: 10 AM – Easter Sunday Worship (Archbishop of Canterbury): BBC Radio 4 (92–95 MHz FM, Freeview channel 704, Freesat channel 704, Sky channel 0104, Virgin Media channel 904,

10:30 AM – Sung Mass of The Resurrection (Fr Iain Templeton): (Father Templeton will continue to celebrate a daily Mass every day at 10 AM, except Wednesdays when the Mass will be at 7:30 PM.)

10:30 AM – Easter Day Liturgy (Bishop of Chichester):

11 AM – Urbi et Orbi (Pope Francis) followed by Easter Sunday Worship (The Very Rev Kathy Jones): BBC 1 (Freeview channel 1 or 101, Freesat channel 101 or 106, Sky channel 101 or 115, Virgin channel 101 or 108,

3 PM – Choral Evensong (Norwich Cathedral): BBC Radio 3 (92 MHz–95 MHz FM, Freeview Channel 703, Freesat Channel 703, Sky channel 0103, Virgin Media channel 903,

I have listed services on terrestrial television, radio, social media websites and non-social medial websites.  So please try to join in with one of these services today.

Good Friday Services (Update)

12 AM – Keep to HM Government’s Coronavirus advice this weekend: Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives:

10 AM – Morning Prayer (Fr Iain Templeton):

12 PM – Society Good Friday Video:  The Society Facebook Page  or

3 PM – Good Friday Liturgy (The Bishop of Chichester):  here

3 PM – Good Friday Liturgy (The Bishop of Fulham): here

3 PM – Good Friday Meditation: BBC Radio 4 (92–95 MHz FM, Freeview channel 704, Freesat channel 704, Sky channel 0104, Virgin Media channel 904,

7:30 PM – Good Friday Liturgy (Fr Iain Templeton):

Maundy Thursday Services (Update)

11:30 AM – The Bishop of Ebbsfleet will live-stream an Act of Prayer for the Renewal of Ordination Promises before the Blessed Sacrament for the clergy under his oversight via his Facebook page:

3 PM – Society Maundy Thursday Video: via The Society Facebook Page or

6 PM – Maundy Thursday Service (The Bishop of Fulham): here

7:30 PM – Maundy Thursday Service (The Bishop of Chichester):  here

7:30 PM – Maundy Thursday Service (Fr Iain Templeton):

All services will be streamed live over Facebook.

Don’t forget to download the Praying at Home Booklet:

Paschal Triduum

Paschal Triduum

There are a number of resources available so we can all celebrate the Paschal Triduum services this year. 

Fr Iain Templeton, Priest in Charge of St. Andrew’s, Walsall, will be live streaming the following services (

Maundy Thursday

7:30 PM: Mass of the Lord’s Supper, followed by a break, then 9-10 PM Watch at the Altar of Repose ending with Night Prayer at 10 PM.

Good Friday

7:30 PM: Liturgy of the Passion

Holy Saturday

10 AM: Morning Prayer

8 PM: Easter Vigil and First Mass of Easter

Easter Sunday 

10:30 AM: Sung Mass of the Resurrection. 

The Bishops of the Society will also be live streaming Masses at the following times:

Maundy Thursday

The Bishop of Fulham: 6.00pm – here.

The Bishop of Chichester: 7.30pm – here.

Good Friday

The Bishop of Chichester: 3.00pm – here.

The Bishop of Fulham: 3.00pm – here.

The Easter Vigil

The Bishop of Fulham: 8.30pm – here.

Easter Day

The Bishop of Chichester: 10.30pm – here.

The above list will be updated as other bishops finalize their plans.

For those who are not good with computers, the following resources are available:

Good Friday

3 PM BBC Radio 4: Good Friday Meditation

Easter Sunday

8:10 AM BBC Radio 4: Easter Sunday Worship (the Archbishop of Canterbury gives his Easter message with an intimate communion from his own kitchen)

11:25 AM BBC 1: Sunday Worship lead by The Very Rev Kathy Jones.