Church Magazine February 2019


The February 2019 issue of the church magazine is now available here on the web (just click on the cover picture above), or in printed form in the church. The relevant individual web pages which are affected will be updated Real Soon Now.

Church Magazine December 2018/January 2019


The latest church magazine is now available here on the web site and in printed form at the church. As usual at this time of year it is a combined edition for December and January – there is normally not much news to report at the end of the year. The relevant individual pages of the web site will be updated shortly, nearer the end of November.

New ‘facilities’


AS well as the repairs to the tower of the church, the kitchen and other facilities inside the church have been improved. As I was passing the church on the way from Specsavers to the bus stop, and the church was open, I went in to take a quick look at the palatial new toilet, and also (see  below) to see some of the decorations that had been put up in  the church for Remembrance Day, before they were taken down.