Churches reopening for Private Prayer

An update on the current situation from Jon Harcourt:


This is the letter I received today (Sunday 7th June) from the Bishop of Worcester, and I ask you to read it carefully.

Any responses you may have, please send to me and Mark Wisbey, not the Bishop.

As most of you will be aware from the news, churches are being given permission to open for private prayer (not services) from June 15th.

During this week we shall be formulating a risk assessment for cleaning/sanitizing/opening/days/times/security/areas of church open/social distancing etc.

Although welcome, the actual date of opening must be thought about very carefully and logically.

Churchwarden Mark is experienced in Health and Safety, and we have already put in place a ‘Lone worker’ in church policy.

We will be in touch as soon as we have any news or decisions.

God bless,


You can see the email from the Bishop of Worcester HERE.

On a lighter note, you may like to look at a perception of what a post lockdown church may look like –

Author: Mike Hessey

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