Jon has passed on this news:

‘Congratulations to Rhys and Nina on the birth of a baby girl, Erin at 11.30pm on Tuesday 5th May.

Nina and Erin are fine – and so is Rhys!’

Sunday 3rd May 2020 (Vocations Sunday)

This Sunday is Vocations Sunday.  Please pray for everyone who is currently exploring a vocation, or who feels that they may have a calling into ministry.  Please pray this prayer from the Additional Curates Society website:

Everyone has a vocation.  You can explore yours here:

For any Catholic men, who feel they may have a vocation to ordained ministry, please visit this website:

Worship Resources that do not require a Computer

This telephone line is open 24 hours per day for music, prayer, and reflections, as well as full services.

The following services can be access this Sunday:

8:10 AM – Sunday Worship (Bishop of Salisbury): BBC Radio 4

10:45 AM – Sunday Worship (Very Rev Kathy Jones): BBC 1

1:15 PM – Songs of Praise (Rev Kate Bottley): BBC 1

3:00 PM – Choral Evensong (Chapel of St. John’s College, Cambridge): BBC Radio 3

Worship Resources requiring a Computer

10:30 AM – Sung Mass (with Spiritual Communion (Fr Iain Templeton)): Live on Facebook (

11:30 AM – Sung Mass (with Spiritual Communion (Bishop of Fulham)): Live on Facebook (

5:00 PM – Rosary (Fr Iain Templeton): Live on Facebook

6:00 PM – Shrine Prayers: Live via the Shrine website:

Every Friday

12:00 PM – Do not forget to join in with the Bishop of Fulham to pray the Rosary through May: #PrayTheRosary