Sunday 24th May 2020 (Easter 7)

Our celebrations this Sunday will depend on whether we are following the Roman Rite or Common Worship.  The Roman Rite kept Ascension Day on Thursday, so The Seventh Sunday after Easter will be observed.  However Common Worship will celebrate Sunday after Ascension Day, and will keep to the theme of the Ascension.  Whichever Rite we are following, please ensure that you join in with a service.

Service Resources that do not require a Computer

This telephone line is open 24 hours per day for music, prayer, and reflections, as well as full services.

8:10 AM – Sunday Worship (Catherine Fox & Bishop of Sheffield Pete Wilcox): BBC Radio 4

11:45 AM – Sunday Worship (The Very Rev Kathy Jones): BBC 1

1:15 PM – Songs of Praise (Katherine Jenkins): BBC 1

3PM – Choral Evensong (Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford): BBC Radio 3

Services that require a computer

9AM – Church of England Service: YouTube (

10:30 AM – Service of the Word (Dudley Benefice): Zoom (to get access to this service, you will need to e-mail Rev Hugh Burton (

10:30 AM – Sung Mass (with Spiritual Communion (Fr Iain Templeton)): Live on Facebook (

10:45 AM – Mass (Shrewsbury Cathedral): via the cathedral webcam (

11:30 AM – Sung Mass (Bishop of Fulham): Live on Facebook (

Other Resources

Photo Credit: George Reynolds

The Society will be issuing a second series of short videos to aid devotion and prayer at home during this lockdown. The videos are on four different themes and will be made available at the following times via The Society Facebook Page:

1. Our Lady to be released at 7pm on Sunday 24 May, prior to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham (Anglican) National Pilgrimage at Home on Monday 25 May.

2. Pentecost to be released at 8am on Sunday 31 May.

3. Praying for the Dead to be released at 8am on Friday 5 June.

4. Corpus Christi to be released at 7pm on Wednesday 10 June.

The videos were recorded in accordance with the restrictions which were in place at that time.

The videos are being jointly promoted by The Society and The Church Union

More details here:

For everyone who is praying for five people they know to come to Christ as part of Thy Kingdom Come, The Society has published a booklet to assist us to pray at home: Download booklet.

12 PM Every Friday – #PrayTheRosary

5PM Every Saturday – Rosary (Fr Iain Templeton):  Live on Facebook

6PM Daily – Shrine Prayers: Live via the Shrine website:

2020 National Pilgrimage

Due to the Covid-19 Lock-Down, we will not be able to make our pilgrimage to Walsingham this year.  However the shrine have made a video for us to watch at home.  It can be accessed here: