Palm Sunday and Holy Week

More information from Mark Wisbey:

This Sunday, 5th April 2020, is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week.  It is important for all Christians to keep a regular pattern of prayer during this time of social and self isolation, but even more so in this week leading up to Easter.

 For those who are not good with computers, you will be glad to know that at 10:45 AM on BBC1 (earlier than advertised) will be Sunday Worship from Hereford Cathedral.  The Very Rev Michael Tavinor, Dean of Hereford, leads a service for Palm Sunday.

At 1:15 PM BBC1 will be showing Songs of Praise.
At 8PM on BBC1 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will give an address to the nation.

 These programmes can also be watched on BBC IPlayer:

Fr Iain Templeton, Priest in Charge of St. Andrew’s, Walsall, will be live streaming Masses over the church’s Facebook page through Holy Week (  Mass will be celebrated at the following times:

Sunday 5th April:      10:30 AM, Palm Sunday with blessing on the palms
Monday 6th April:      10 AM – Mass for Monday in Holy Week
Tuesday 7th April:     10 AM – Mass for Tuesday in Holy Week
Wednesday 8th April: 7:30 PM – Spy Wednesday Mass
Thursday 9th April:    7:30 PM – Maundy Thursday Mass

 If you are having problems connecting to Facebook, then Shrewsbury (Roman Catholic) Cathedral has a web cam, which is in operation 24-hours per day.  All the information required to join in with their services is all on one page.  Simply look down the page at the times of their services, and click the live button above the web cam when the service you want to view is about to start.  The Cathedrals website is:

 On Tuesday 31st March 2020 my friend Michael Heathcock died after becoming infected by the coronavirus.  On Friday 3rd April 2020 local Walsall nurse Areema Nasreen died after contracting the coronavirus.  Many other local people have died or are ill.  Many local people can no longer work, and are living on reduced incomes.  Many local people are isolated.  All churches are closed.  There are many suffering in body, mind, and spirit, so it is important for us all to continue to pray, and if we can, continue to do good works, during this difficult period.


Author: Mike Hessey

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