Time marches on


We are sure that you are all looking forward to British Summer Time when on Sunday, 27 March 2016,at 01:00:00, clocks will be turned forward 1 hour. With the exception unfortunately of that in our church tower.

The church has a clock with 3 faces. Electrically operated, this serves as a public amenity for all, whether in the market place or the bus station or from Castle Hill/Broadway.
We pay for an annual service of approx. £259, but this does not cover any faults or call outs.
Within the last two weeks it has ceased to operate, and on calling the engineers, it appears that the electrical movement has finally given up.
The cost to repair is £1,154 plus VAT.
There are only 3 public face clocks in the town – one on the castle end of the market (and not very easy to spot): one on Top Church: and the one at St Edmunds (Bottom Church).
We have approached DMBC with a request for funding and we will advise you of their response in due course. In the meanwhile any donations will be gratefully received….